Her current dedication is to A Pathway To Hope, a northern breed rescue and currently owns an Alaskan Husky named Anna, two Golden Muttskys named Loki and Layla and Malinois Addie.

Laura Waddell has been working with dogs for  24 years, starting with the Philadelphia PACC,  working her way up through the dog world. Titling her dogs in obedience  and many of the working dog sports such as Shutzhund, helped her define her balanced approach to dog training.

 Her background is based in ethology and she continues to further her education in the field by attending workshops and seminars with such noted professionals as Dr. Jean Dodds, Dr. Karen Overall,
 Suzanne Clothier, Lou Castle and many others. She has been seen on Animal Planet as well as at Broadway Barks, and some of her clients include Metropolitan Maltese Rescue in NYC (on call behaviorist), Hounds On The Hudson (kennel management and safety), as well as being a consultant and expert witness for animal legal cases.

Laura is a professional member and certified trainer through the International Association of Canine Professionals, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and is an Evaluator for the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen program.
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Laura Waddell, PhD, MS , CDT
Kira Wright
Kira has been working with dogs since she was 17, starting out as a kennel attendant at Best Friends, doing breed rescue for 6 years, and eventually becoming the Director of Evaluators for Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs. She has formalized her canine education with the Fosters and Smith program, and is a professional member of the IACP.
Kira currently owns Maya, a Border Collie mix and Mouse, a Great Dane and hopefully future Best In Show winner.